Life Coaching

Develop a clear vision of what really matters to you in life and turn that vision into reality.

No matter where you find yourself right now, coaching will help you to leave behind limiting beliefs and self-judgments and live with authenticity, joy, and purpose!

Set your compass, find your direction, and take wise action as you move forward.

Through the power of our coaching relationship, you will:

  • Develop clarity around what matters to you in life, and create a clear vision of how you want to live this “one wild and precious life” (Mary Oliver)
  • Connect with skills and tools to make that vision come alive.
  • Connect with and nurture your wisest self – so that you can spend more time living from wisdom, and less time being driven by doubt and self-criticism
  • Strengthen your two superpowers – curiosity and compassion and learn to use them everyday

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them.

– Albert Einstein

What to expect from Life Coaching

The arc of the coaching process is unique for each person. And you can expect to:

● clarify your coaching needs and desires
● connect with what is truly important to you in life
● create goals that are exciting and activate your passion
● identify and work wisely with the obstacles in your path
● take action steps to move in that direction.

Drawing from The Co-Active Model for Coaching, Buddhist psychology, ACT principles, Positive Neuroplasticity, and Internal Family Systems, you will tap into new ways of exploring and harnessing your wisdom and putting it into meaningful action.

Coaching is life changing and remarkably fun! It will help you let go of old habitual thought patterns that colour your view of yourself and your world, allowing you to tap into spacious possibilities that are part of your wisest self.

A mindful approach

The cultivation of mindful awareness is at the heart of the coaching work I do. Through cultivating self-awareness and seeing clearly what is happening moment by moment (free from the limiting beliefs we carry), we can make wise choices, rather than blindly reacting to life as it triggers us.

However, if the thought of meditation makes you want to run the other way, don’t! There are many other ways to cultivate awareness that involve growing your curiosity and compassion in your daily life – micro-practices you can do at any time – standing in line at a cashier, stuck in traffic, or when out on a walk, getting your exercise.

Why work with me?

I bring with me a wealth of experience that is quite unique in the coaching world. My 30 year career in psychiatry has equipped me with a depth of understanding of neuroscience, psychotherapy (which is different from coaching), dementia, and dementia caregiving. As a trained Mindfulness Meditation teacher, I deeply understand the value of mindful awareness in maintaining wellbeing. I bring a warm, relaxed style into the coaching relationship and with my passion for learning, I love to share new ideas and skills with people I coach. Come and explore what’s possible!

“I was going through a difficult time in my life when my life partner of more than 20 years died very suddenly from brain cancer. Liz helped me through this immense loss to make sense of this huge life transition. She has an amazing capacity to help focus and ask all the right questions. Sessions were engaging, thoughtful and helped bring personal emotional outcomes that served my personal growth immensely. I highly recommend Liz as a coach. ”

Curious? Let’s chat

If you have questions about life-coaching or are ready to connect with me as a coach, send me a message and we can set up a 30 minute no-charge conversation via Zoom.