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My Story

Learning new ideas and skills has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I have been blessed in my career as a geriatric psychiatrist to start many new programs, to see how new ideas work, and to keep recreating myself in that work. And with Liz Drance Coaching, I am stepping out of the health care arena and offering a different set of services including Life Coaching, Dementia Caregiver Coaching, and Mindfulness Meditation Mentoring.

I love learning about people and walking alongside them as they tap into their innate wisdom, clarify what is most important to them, and move towards a life they find meaningful, peaceful, and joyful, even in the midst of challenge. Seeing people connect in with ‘aha’ moments and supporting them as they clear their path forward is a delight and a privilege! I enjoy integrating mindfulness principles into coaching as well as teaching mindfulness meditation on its own.

Three Independent, related services

Having recently completed a 2 year Life Coaching program, I am so enjoying helping people create new visions for their lives and take the active steps to live their values everyday! It is exciting to see people leave behind the reactive habits and self-limiting beliefs that hold them back!

Dementia Caregiver Coaching is a natural fit for me given my clinical experience and my personal experience of caring for both my parents who lived with dementia illnesses. I have learned a lot about what is required to care for oneself as a caregiver and to care for a family member who is living with dementia. It is my belief that with the right support, each of us can grow through the experience of caregiving. Receiving personalized support early on in the journey equips care partners with greater resilience.

Finally, I have been a certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher since 2019 and love to integrate the wisdom of Buddhist psychology into all the work I do as well as teach formal mindfulness meditation skills.

“I cannot make you happy, but I can commit to support you in the creation of your own happiness”

– Yung Peublo

What I do

Whether you need support through Life Coaching, Dementia Caregiving Coaching, or mentoring in Mindfulness Meditation, you are in the right place!

Life Coaching

Life Coaching helps you refocus on what really matters to you, and supports you to take action to create a life of meaning, peace and joy.

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Dementia Caregiver Coaching

If you are caring for someone with Minimal Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or Dementia, it is vital that you build skills to support your person and build ways to genuinely care for yourself.

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Mindfulness Meditation

Whether you are curious about meditation, or have experience and are interested in deepening your practice, be in touch. Together we can make that happen.

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“It is normal to feel down, tired, and emotionally exhausted when you are going through a big transition, especially when you have to let go of something good for the chance of something better. Great changes are not meant to be easy, they arise to inspire your growth.”

– Yung Peublo

If you’re curious, keen, or unsure, let’s connect.

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